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When it comes to recruitment and selection, you don't just need people.
You need the right people.

That's where we come in. With Light the Lamp, you get:

  • creative recruitment campaigns
  • new hires who fill the role and fit your culture

welcome to

the jungle

Confused about onboarding and orientation? The more quickly you get
your new people settled in, the more quickly they can be productive.

Light the Lamp creates onboarding programs that work. You get:

  • creative onboarding materials that complement your recruitment campaigns
  • new hire processes and plans that your managers can use
  • new hires who understand your culture and expectations from day one

she's here for

the Wii...

he's here for

the RRSPs

What retention plan is right for your company? You need to know why
your employees say yes to an offer, why they stay, and why they leave.

We can help. You get:

  • staff surveys, reports and action steps
  • recommendations to improve what you have and maintain what already works

you get what

you pay for

Your performance and compensation structure should be simple enough
for every employee to understand, and detailed enough to be a valuable
decision-making tool.

We can help you build compensation and performance management systems
that work with your culture. You get:

  • tools that will help you get organized
  • systems that help your managers do their jobs while supplying you with the
    information you need to do yours

gee, thanks

for the swell


Lose the logo t-shirts. You need a reward and recognition program that is
vibrant, dynamic and reflective of your corporate culture.

Light the Lamp can help you by creating:

  • programs that work with your budget and your culture
  • programs that celebrate the uniqueness of your company and your peopleto top

when Jack

needs to hit

the road

We'll support you through the tough stuff.

Terminations are uncomfortable. But you can do them, and you can do them right.
Light the Lamp will help you with:

  • training and support before, during and after
  • materials that will help you prepare
  • materials that will help you prevent

the only hot

water you

need to be in

is a Jacuzzi

You need policies and practices that keep your workplace running
smoothly while ensuring you are on the right side of the law.

Light the Lamp can help you with:

  • HR policies and procedures that are effective and easy-to-understand,
    whether they're on your in-house wiki or your HR handbook
  • advice on WCB legislation, Employment Standards Act of BC, human rights
    and privacy legislation

there once

was a guy



Whoops. Your newest manager has sent out one of those emails.
You need training and development programs that are flexible and adaptable.

Light the Lamp can help you build flexible, adaptable training and development
programs. You get:

  • training on everything from human rights legislation and progressive discipline
    to interviewing
  • training that is relevant, interactive and dynamic

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